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Typing Certifications are issued by Learn2Type.com after an on-line typing test. To get a Certifications for Typing speed simply take the typing test here or below. After you have taken this test at least 5 times, you can click the "Get your Typing Certificate" option displayed with the test results. Your five highest typing speeds will be averaged to determine your certified typing speed which will be printed on your Typing Certificate (see sample on right). You may take as many the test as many times as you wish, your 5 best typing scores will be used for the certification. If you do not wish to get the typing certification right away, it is recommended that you create a login account after the first test to store your typing test scores (otherwise you will have to retake the typing certificate tests on your next visit).

Your Typing Certification can be verified by others online (click for exampleTyping Certifications) once it has been issued. You will receive a copy of the Certificate document by postal mail that contains your unique online verification Certificate ID. Online scores are retained for 1 year from the date of certification, the paper document does not expire but employers usually as for a recent test result.

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Type the paragraph shown below and click the TEST ME! button when finished, the server will automatically time your entry and speed. Remember, accuracy as well as speed are important.
Note:You do NOT need to press the ENTER key between lines.

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